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Une bannière qui envoie du cacao !

Here is some links about webcomics and "turbomedia". Maybe you already know these websites, some are very popular,
but I want to share them. I probably will add others link in the future.


Free weekly webcomics, probably my number one inspiration about turbomedia.
4 comics (3 in turbomedia), one episode every Monday, just awesome !


Site de BD numériques gratuites, Spunch Comics est l'une de mes plus grandes inspirations pour
le Turbomédia. 4 Séries (dont 3 en turbo), une différente chaque Lundi, bref du lourd !


I'm not going to introduce Boulet, he is one of the most famous french author in the web.
But I love his art and comics, always brillant.


Jo is one of the comics published in Spunch Comics, but it's first released here in webcomic strip form.
I prefere this version, because it's the original one, and it's released faster.


Gobi's Tumblr, an artist who inspired me a lot.


Goliver is a guy who can code AND draw, an combinaison of skills that I envy and respect.
He is the creator of Lemonslide (the turbomedia engine of ParisPixel). However his Blog is in french only.


Inventor of turbomédia, Balak has many boobies and digital comics into his deviantArt.
But warning, it's some old-school digital comics, in Flash, and not suitable for mobile devices.


One another turbomedia's great man. But only in french, sorry.
Like Balak is all in Flash, so not for mobile devices.